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Christine Beauchamp
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Default Weight fluctuations - help?

Quick question! Does anyone else notice that their weight is even more inconsistent with IF than with eating 5-6 meals during the day?

I have a powerlifting meet coming up on February 26th. It's very important that I make weight for this day.

What I've noticed with IF, is that I seem to weigh more in the mornings, due to the fact that all my food is eaten before bedtime. When I split up meals during the day, I tend to be lighter by morning time just because I don't have a bunch of food and water sitting in my stomach.

My question is, being 3 weeks out from my meet and having to keep a close eye on my weight, do you think it would be better to switch to smaller meals to be able to gauge weight progress more efficiently? Because I know if I happen to eat some carbs one night that can send my weight shooting up another 4 lbs. by the next day, and I want to avoid any mishaps. I want to also prevent having to cut more water weight than is absolutely necessary.

Any thoughts are much appreciated!
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