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Greg Battaglia
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Default Training w/out a barbell

Hey everybody,

I recently dropped my olympic bar on a failed front squat max and the sleeve on one end broke and the bar bent pretty badly (the bar was like 10 years old, so i got good use out of it). It's pretty much useless at this point and I plan on scrapping the metal for some cash at a junk yard.

The issue now is what do I do for heavy lifting? I'm too poor to buy a new barbell but I still want to do some heavy lifting. I already do a lot of calisthenics and have KB's (singles) from 25lbs up to 85lbs, but I can already do over 30 KB swings (american style) with the 85lber, so it's not much of a strength workout for the posterior chain muscles to rely on just swings. I already plan to do weighted KB pistols as a stand-in for squats, but then I'm still stuck with a lack of any really heavy posterior chain work. I was thinking maybe getting a large heavy duty military bag and making a super heavy sandbag for heavy power cleans, but I'm not sure how that would work out.

Has anyone been stuck in this situation before, any creative ideas?
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