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Collin O'Neill
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Default Squat frequency input

I am having trouble doing up a new workout schedule. I was very happy with my previous one, but with the introduction of a 2 hour BJJ and striking class on Sundays at my dojo, it just got to be too much.

I will put my schedule below for some input. Any kind would be appreciated. What I am curious about (and have searched a bit on the intertrons for, so am somewhat leaning in one direction) is will squatting once a week be enough for gains?

I am also thinking of adding another C&J to Mondays. Thoughts there?

Monday: Clean and Jerk, Squat, Press
Pullups, Weighted dips, ab work, rows, box jumps, heavy bag

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Karate -- quasi rest day

Thursday: Deadlift, Bench, Weighted Pullups, shrugs, abs, broad jumps, Neck and wrist work

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Karate, hand and wrist work -- quasi rest-day

Sunday: BJJ/Striking/Rolling -- More intense than Wed. and Sat. classes
Add in pullups, ab work (rotational), Barbell complex?

Edit: Modified -- thanks to Chris and Derek
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