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Meghan Leigh Ramos
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Default Meghan Eats - A Food Log

Me: I'm 5'4". Haven't weighed myself in forever. I have spent a long time teaching myself to not care about the scale, so I'm not too keen to get back into it. I've been trying to focus on strength and performance. In regards to aesthetics, it's all about how the clothes fit.

Training: Started training regularly again about 3 weeks ago. Before that, training was light/sporadic due to being really busy over the holidays, so we'll call it about a 4-6 week deload. Prior to THAT, I was doing 6am strength biased workouts fueled by sweet potatoes and whey protein. Oh, and I'm babying an iffy right shoulder right now - I have scoliosis, and it's structurally effed up, and got a little strained (didn't realize that the scoliosis would cause me a problem) so I've been laying off it, working one armed stuff, and just now adding back in very light push presses and some very light overhead squats (and strict single arm presses on my weak side). It's getting better slowly but surely, and I'm glad I realized that it needed some dedicated strength work before something really bad happened.

Oh, my gym does strength training followed by very short metcons. I also do some KB work and gymnastics when I can. My workout log is over on the Crossfit Forums, but I'm trying to transition to somewhere that doesn't make me want to slam my head into the desk multiple times per day. Thus, I landed here.

Nutrition: I know the following after a year of about 80% adherence to Paleo/Primal (deviations are in the form of beer/wine, chocolate, and cheese. No complaints here). I know that a lot of dairy and sugar together make me break out like crazy, so I try to avoid that combination. About 3 weeks ago, I started experimenting with IF with BCAA supplementation (staying pretty strict Paleo with some exceptions, not getting all neurotic about it) just because I'm curious to see what happened.

Right now adherence is not a problem. I'm not naturally an early morning breakfast person, but my concern is that I'm not getting enough calories. I definitely have to force myself to take in sufficient carbohydrates. I fall into a protein/fat diet pretty easily. Now that I'm back to regular workouts, my strength numbers have dropped but I'm not sure if it's the IFing (I work out fasted) or just my time away from the gym/lifting over Christmas. I'm going to give it a couple more weeks and focus on making sure I'm taking in sufficient calories, and if I'm still not where I want to be strength wise I'll go back to my non fasting ways.

Anyway, this is going to be my training and nutrition log. I welcome suggestions and criticisms.
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