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Kevin Shaughnessy
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Monday March 14th


Con 'sarnit. I guess this is my own fault for thinking 5 metcons a week + barbell training would be doable while losing more then a pound a week. Ah well, lesson learned. I'll take the week off from all metcons except burpees twice a week and hopefully hit 290x12 next week.

Good Morning

Felt hesitant, unmotivated and tired so I'll do these wednesday instead of today.


I've decided to switch from good mornings to these. It'll be a good way to train the hands, I'm pretty sure it will be easier on my back, it'll probably have more carryover to the deadlift, plus its just good to hold heavy shit with your hands and feel the strain on your shoulder girdle. I performed them while watching myself in a mirror (from the side), and it was interesting to see that with 45# I could get a little bit past the knee before my hamstrings started screaming, but with 135 I could do all the way to the floor while maintaining extension easily. I'll stick with the ramping 5x5 every other MWF and do some BW back extensions for active recovery in between. 315 was supposed to be a moderate intro but ended up feeling pretty heavy.
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