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Old 03-17-2011, 08:11 AM   #30
Emily Mattes
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I need to get my press up. I am ruminating on how to do this. Some of these workouts were done at my university's gym, it is not as terrible as one would think (chalk is allowed, bumper plates exist) but it reminds me that my perspective of what is strong is way out of whack.


Carrying a child around the zoo


Seated band adductors: Black x 12, Yellow x 15 x 2
Band GM: Orange x 12, Thick blue x 12 x 2
18'' DL ME: 135#x5, 155#x5, 185#x5, 205#x5, 225#x5, 245#x3, 265#x2, 285#(f)x1x3
18'' DL drop sets: 225#x9, 185#x12, 135#x15
Atlas stone work, to 45-46'': 165#x3x4
Hip thrusts: 45#x10, 55#x10, 45kg x 10 x 2
RH: 100#x10, 200#x10x2


ME LOWER (continued!)
SLDL: 90#x10, 175#x10, 185#x10
Deficit DL (1''?): 135#x10x5
Standing hip flexor curl things I don't know: 30#x10, 60#x10, 65#x4 + 60#x8

10 fingertip burpees
15 DB swings, 50#

10 fingertip pushups (solely for ego-stroking)
Planks: 45# x 0:30 x 2, 45# x 0:20


Press: 20x5, 30x5, 35x5, 40x3, 45, 48, 50(f)
Bench: 65#x6, 125#x6, 135#x(3+f), 130#x(3+f)
Rows: 35x8, 65x8 -- hamstrings too fatigued to do these
Hyperextension rows: 25#x8, 95#x8x2
Tricep pushdowns: 30#x8, 60#x8x2
Lat pulldowns: 70#x8, 130#x8x2
Biceps: 20#x6, 35#x6x2
Cl: 45x3, 50x2, 55x2, 60x2, 65x2x2
Cl + FS: 65x2x2
Paloff presses: Black x 15, Orange x 15, Purple x 15 x 2


Band box squats: Black x 12, Yellow x 12, Orange x 12
1-leg DL: BW x 12, 16kg x 12 x 2
Box squat DE, chains: 30kg+40#c x 2 x 12
DL DE, bands: 50kg + 2 loops of purple x 1 x 10
PSn: 35x4, 45x3, 50x2, [52x1x5, 55x1x2, 57, 58, 60, 62(full)x1x2] <-- 0:45-1:00 between each single
18'' DL: 135#x10, 235#x6x2
18'' DL drop sets: 200#x11, 160#x10, 135#x a lot <-- lower back is giving out before my legs are, think I'm doing these wrong
1-leg ham curls: 20#x10, 30#x8
Band ham curls: Orange x 15 x 3
RH: 90#x15, 160#x15x2
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