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Ian Mathias
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Taken on board some of your guys comments and thanks to Gareth for the help .

The pre season training starts tomorrow so just keeping people updated with how I plan to train for next 6 weeks -
Monday - Strength work
Tuesday - Training - do light warm up in morning with stretch
Wednesday - Body weight exercises
Thursdy - Same as Tuesday
Friday - Light warm up followed by stretching
Saturday - Power/Strength work out
Sunday - same as friday

Monday - Squat @ 90% 4x2, RDL 85% 4X2, Bench Press 90% 4X3
Tuesday - dynamic warm up then static stretch - Training
Wednesday - Clap press ups 5x3, Chin ups 3x5, Reverse Hypers 3x8
Thursday - Same as Tues
Friday - Rest but have a stretch
Saturay - Squat Jums @ 30% 4x2, Squat 85% 4x2, Bench Throws @ 30% 5x3
Sunday - Same as Friday

If anyone has other comments they would be very apprieciated. If anyone else would like to post a training plan up it would be interesting to see othe peoples ideas. Also feel free to criticise away...
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Ian Mathias
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Originally Posted by James Evans View Post
I think Gareth's outline looks pretty good.

Don't forget the speedwork. I always hated sprint training, not because it hurt but because I found it cold blooded and boring.
I know what you mean with sprints!!! - doing 10M sprints, dive to the floor and run backwards 10M, repeat this 6 times (to replicate the game) - 5 sets with 90 second rest in between each set.
The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing
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