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Patrick Donnelly
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Originally Posted by raj rihal View Post
On top of it all, most people will never admit that it was CF that caused their injury. Lots of stupidity.
You're at a party and you have a couple of drinks, but you're feeling okay. You hop in the car to drive home, and on the way, you find yourself swerving off the side of the road into a small ravine, where you hit a tree and total your car. The most rational explanation would have been that you were more tipsy than you thought.

Do you admit to yourself it was the alcohol?

Were any of these injuries at the same competition? I really hope not.

Imagine, running one heat of the competition, then two out of five competitors pop their Achilles. The heat ends, and it's time for the next batch of five. They do the same workout, and *pop* there goes another tendon. I'm hoping the people that run these things would have the sense to stop it if that were the case.
And yes, I'm actually holding that handstand. Get on my level.
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