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Kevin Shaughnessy
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Tuesday April 19th


Done on three minutes rest with the last set done on 1 minutes rest. This is going well so far, if things continue like this I might add another week to the program.

Pull Up Ladder
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 3 and 1/2
1 2
Total 31 1/2

Looks like while I only added 1 rep or so to my max, my ability to handle volume/density improved a bit more from greasing the groove. Previous PR of total reps was 21.

Wrist Extensions


So I'm now wrapping up my first real year of barbell training. It was pretty productive in some respects (squat went from 165x5 to 300x5, deadlift from 285x5 to 355x8, bench from 155x1 to 220x1) and unproductive in others (press went from 115x1 to 120x5 at the end of the year). This next year I know is going to be more productive then this one though, because I'm not going to make the same mistakes I made this past year. They include:

- Being retarded with my diet and letting myself get too fat, then wasting training time cutting weight and having my strength dip or stagnate in some lifts. Eating at maintenance and then only grudgingly adding weight this year.
- Training with high reps. They might work well for some people but I didn't find training with high reps carried over well to low reps (evidenced by 285x10 squat with a 315x1 squat a few weeks later). My gains were still good, but they could have been better. No more then 5 from now on.
- Program ADD. This past four months has seen my strength go nowhere on my main lifts, at least partly because I haven't commited to a program long enough to see gains. I'll probably stay on the texas method for this entire year, if I can.
- Letting bad form slide in the name of faster improvement. I let my knees cave since the first few months and now I have to lower the weight significantly to allow proper execution.
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