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Gareth Rees
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Default Alternated Hook Grip?

Right guys, so I've finally taken the plunge and commited to learning and practicing the hook grip (mainly for olympic lift work).

I've always had problems with my gripping strength (particularly in the deadlift), even with an alternated grip my grip has always given out way before my body. I know the theory behind the hook grip, and the alternated grip, and why they both work. But as there are no conclusive studies, at least that I'm aware of, the hook grip may not necessarily be stronger than the alternated grip, and so I will theoretically still struggle.

So an idea popped into my head, and my question is this; If the hook grip is equally as effective as the alternate grip, would an alternated hook grip be more effective than both styles? Has anybody ever come across this concept, or if they have, have you tried it? Any thoughts?
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