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Justin McCallon
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Default Bar, Weight, Rack Set, GHD, C2

So I'm trying to price out a home gym. I would like to buy:

600lbs of weight
Power rack

I do a mix of powerlifting and weightlifting. My PR on Deadlift is 560 and I'm going to spend a lot of time trying to get that up to 600-620 or so. I like to drop at the top so I recover faster, so I need bumpers that are thin enough to fit 600lbs on the bar (could I use some metals and still drop it?). Yeah, I realize in a competition you need to guide it down, but it's not that hard to do so, it just means less deadlifts.
Weights that don't bounce all over the place are ideal. Some color would be nice, but I don't want to spend a fortune. I'll of course need some little metal plates. I'd prefer pound plates (but it's not a deal breaker).

Something that can handle olympic weightlifting as well as a bailed squat that sits in the self-spot pins. I have a good Eleiko at my gym (Emory), and I really like the way it feels. Some of my "teammates" suggested Pendlay, and I think they spin really well, but I like the cheese-grater feel of the Eleikos. I have pretty tough hands and I don't like using straps. As long as the spin isn't terrible, I don't care that much. I'd prefer pound bars (but it's not a deal breaker). Ideally it should be able to handle a missed squat and be able to sit in the rack.

We have the Powerlift GHD's at Emory and I love them. At CFAtlanta, they have an old Soronex GHD and I can't ever seem to get it set up right -- it just hurts my knees rather than hitting my hamstrings. I do actual glute-ham raises (as opposed to GHD back extensions, which I do only occasionally).

I'm an unathletic pussy. I do low bar, wide stance, deep back squats, and I sit back a lot. I can't really bail. I'd like to get a power rack.
Really thin whole spacing, sturdy, self-spot pins, wide base. Olympic plate racks on the side would be nice. A pull-up bar that goes straight across without being too thin would be good. I'm 6'4 so I'd like it to be a tall rack so I don't hit my feet on pull-ups. Front rack and back rack would be good, and I'd like to have a bench.

C2 Rower. Doesn't need to be the brand new kind, but not that old kind either. Gotta be a C2. The PM3 Concept D is fine.

I was planning on putting all this in my garage. I don't want to spend an outrageous amount of money, but I'd like to lift on the best surface possible. Any ideas?

Any idea where I can get all this, shipped to Atlanta, for the best price (I realize I may need to go to different places)? Used is fine, except for the rower -- I don't want the chain all messed up or anything (unless that's fixable?). If it comes shipped and assembled that would be even better. Otherwise, I'll need to hire someone, because I suck. Thanks.
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