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Originally Posted by Kevin Shaughnessy View Post
I took some measurements and my stance is about 16 1/2 inches inside the heels. My hips are 16 1/2 inches in width, and my shoulders are 18. This is a bit of a realization as I didn't know I was inside shoulder width. I'll be moving them out to 18 next workout and see how it goes. Do you have any recommendations based on my measurements?

Good catch with the shoulders rising and the hips not. Thanks. I'll be focusing on moving them together next workout. I think the heaviness of the bar threw me off. What do you mean by my timing being off?
It's more about relative measurements, and getting yourself in a good position. With low bar and a very narrow stance you likely have a large distance from your hip to the bar versus a wider stance. I would squat at least shoulder width apart.

Plus, you need to keep your knees apart.

What I mean by timing is your body/brain are used a certain speed and timing on when to work on raising your chest and hips. Since you were slower than usual you tried to raise your chest/shoulders before you were in position.

I try to try to throw my neck into the bar when I start back up. My problem is I can good morning the weight a bit and this works for me. I've learned this through experience, and you might need a different cue to fix your issue.
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