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Jason Deane
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Well you have all given me a whole lot to think about. I will definately prioritize first, so at the moment I'm throwing alot still so I should just focus on lightweights and learning the movements. Second priority will be joint health, I've a bad shoulder, and my wrists tend to be a weakness and I've been having elbow pain since January, so I'll need to do plenty to strengthen them up before I try to load them up with so much stress. So I can really just focus on oly and squats, while throwing 3 days a week and doing rehab stuff at home and saving a limited amount of gymnastic work for later. I will try and work in 4-5 oly/squat days in with my 3x a week throwing sessions and work on my joint stuff at home. I can't even do anything strenous on my right wrist at all at the moment since I tweaked it last Sunday. Plan to start training again Monday. Until then I will keep learning on here, excellent board by the way and looking at the danjohn sites as there was alot of routine stuff there. Glad I found this board. Oly lifting has really got me excited and though I am terrible at it I am excited about what all I'll gain from getting better at them.
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