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Ricardo Costa
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Back Work:

Mobility warmup

Pull Ups - BW
5 sets of 8 - 2 different grips
** Super Set w/
BB Good Mornings (wide stance)
4 sets of 8

Shrugs DB
100 3 sets of 15
** Super Set w/
EZ Curls
80 x 10
90 x 10 - 2 sets

Rear Delts
85 3 sets of 10
** Super Set w/
Decline Sit Up
3 sets of 10

DB Alt Curls
1 x 10
2 x 8
** Super Set w/
CS Rows
3 sets of 10

Leg lifts off Dip Bars (uglier than using the back supported leg lifts)
3 x 10 straight leg
1 x 10 knees to chest

Stepmill 10mins

Got some good work in, i was happy i was able to bump up my pull up sets to 8 reps. By the time Olympia comes i need to be doing 10 rep sets no problem.

FYI, the Stepmill sucks! (in a good way, i guess)

Rise Above
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