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Bob Overstreet
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Default Negative effects of KB Snatches?

Due to limited time and lots of travel with the current schedule, I'm trying to focus on high rep swings/snatches to work on more conditioning.

Is there a downside to focusing too heavily on these movements? Will I be over emphasizing the posterior chain and neglecting the anterior to some detriment I'm overlooking?

Thanks for your insight.
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Derek Weaver
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Nope. Add in some sort of goblet squat or something if you're concerned or if KBs are all you've got.

Look up GS assistance exercises for other ideas
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James Evans
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As Derek says, add in some goblet squat + some clean & presses + some TGUs and you'll be good.

Pavel should write a programme based on this...oh, wait, he did.

Mix the conditioning with the slower stuff - don't hammer yourself (and your elbows) with snatches-snatches-snatches all day, every day. If you've got several kbs of different size, vary the weight you use.

If you do a lot of cycling the swings will do you the power of good but do them right, none of this CadioBlitzTabatasquatswing (TM) nonsense.
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George Mounce
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I have to agree - TGUs are about the best overall KB exercise there is that should be mandatory in any program using KBs.
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