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Troy Kerr
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Default Organizing Goals for new cycle

I am wrapping up my current cycle and will re-test holds and other numbers within the next two weeks. For my next cycle I have a few questions concerning how to organize my goals and establish the best training route possible.

Straight arm and Bent arm days: What is the best way to divide up straight arm and bent arm days? Right now I train 4 days a week, rotating a push/pull schedule. It seems that SA pushing work is limited to planche, planche leans, and handstand press variations. And since I am still very weak at SA wall presses, I practice these after planche statics both days of the week. Pulling work is a little easier to divide up. Is it necessary to divide up bent arm and straight arm work? Usually I can do more volume on bent arm days, but I wonder if I should devote my time exclusively to straight arm work?

When developing the SA Press as a handstand skill, should one also devote time to handstand statics? SA HS presses take a lot out of me, but seem like they are better suited for pressing days, where as ring HS seem like they would fit in better as everyday skill work?

With manipulating volume and intensity week to week, does this mean one of your training days, whether it is SA or BA work, pushing or pulling, should be dedicated to getting volume, and another on less volume by higher intensity?

With Pre-hab, are certain movements better reserved for either pushing or pulling workouts? Would the bulk of your scapula retraction pre-hab better be reserved after a pulling day, or would doing it before on a pushing day leave too much risk for exhausting the upper back for pulling work? Does the same apply with doing protraction work on a pushing day? Basically should specific pre-hab elements be trained on their respective days?
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