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Bobby Spencer
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I checked their website and other than a short bit on the ingredients, I can't tell if Ironmind's JP is a good choice. Many people have some sort of GI problems with certain whey blends, myself included. In another post, I think Greg or Robb suggests getting a whey that is hydrolized and Robb recommends MRM's Metabolic Whey (Which I have not tried, but I will in my next purchase, I think). I have tried others like Optimum's which is hydrolized and has digestive enzymes included. Some alleviate their GI problems by buying Whey Isolate which costs more. At times, I have just prepared a PWO meal with some sort of lean protein (30g), a BCAA's (MRM's or Xtend), and some sort of simple carbs (for me, local honey--helps with seasonal allergies).
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Pierre Auge
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Egg Whites best nutrient density and the pasteurization process neutralises the avidin eliminating the issue of biotin deficiency syndrome... Pasteurization is much less processing then anything done to a whey protein powders, and it mixes into anything giving it a milk like consistency. I can't get this stuff in Canada but its the same shite that comes in the 500ml cartons at costco which goes for 1000ml for $3.00. thats 2 days worth of protein.

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Ronnie Ashlock
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a anyone had any experience with Ironmind's Just Protein? it doesn't look too bad.
I have used Just Protein on and off for over a year and I like it. You're going to want something other than water to use as the mix with JP, as it is very neutral tasting (a very subtle vanilla and almond flavor which is pleasant but not extraordinary). If you want to drink JP as a shake, you'll need something like milk or half-and-half to give it some body. I know most people here eschew the cow-juice, so if you don't want to use dairy, you might want to find another fluid. As a water-and-mix drink, you won't really enjoy the experience that much. Not much flavor and the consistency of the shake is... lacking. I mainly use JP to make a decidedly not-paleo pudding snack (half a cup of half-and-half with about 3/4 a cup of JP and some blueberries and cinnamon). Or, I mix it in with my steel-cut oats. I also use it for my big Saturday morning cheat meal of buckwheat protein blueberry or strawberry pancakes with butter and a small dollop of honey. But overall, I think JP is a good quality product and I like it and recommend it.

If I am at work and need to get some protein in or have limited food options, I go with Metabolic Drive. I like Biotest's products, by and large, and I think MD is about the best (tasting, at least) of the "not-super-clean" shakes that's still low-carb. MD is handy to have at work because I can make a pretty quick shake with just water and it hasn't screwed me over in the gastro-intestinal department.
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Michael Miller
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Hello everyone, long time lurker here

I am new to the Paleo style of eating, as well as IF...been doing it more strictly sense January of this year. It's difficult at times as i am still tempted by certain things i love to eat. I have cheat days, usually Sat and Sun, nothing thats extremely out of control but just some things i wouldn't normally eat through the week like... popcorn at the movies, a diet soda (yes i know), afew squares of dark chocolate, a tortilla etc.

I also know that protien shakes should not replace whole foods, but i do use them as a quick meal in the mornings, or when i am running short on time, maybe an hour after a workout etc. I usually have 1-2 shakes per day. Besides the shake, i use 1 tablespoon of Carlsons fish oil per day (in the shake) as well as a iron free multi from the company "Purity Products"

I was wondering if anyone had experience with this particular protien from "NOW", it's currently what i am using...what do you guys think? Also, do you feel it is better to split the vitamins and fish oil up rather than take them all at once?

I look forward to learning more from you all



P.S. If anyone has any suggestions as far as broken ankle rehab, and getting back into shape after a double hernia repair, let me know...yeah this past year has been alot of fun for me lol
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