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Pat McElhone
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Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
Just a quick note. I've done a 180 and come right back to thinking that maintaining an aerobic base is necessary for a rugby player, even in the off season.

I'm discussing rugby training with a few folks and this thread came up.

Is this on the IGX board?

From IGx, you like longer (working up to 40min) runs to condition the joints/tendons/etc for the game. Then adding intervals in 1:1 work:rest ratio, working up to 40min to get the body used to the pace of the game. Any more to add to this?

I want to start playing rugby. There are a few clubs in my area. Where should I start? From the other thread, skillwise practice running and picking up a ball and passing and catching it both to the right and left. Also, I was going to work on my drop kicks. Should I be practicing these on my own, or just getting out and work with a club?

As for conditioning/strength, I am 37, weigh 185, lift 2-3days a week doing a pull (snatch and clean) and squat one day, a press (bench, military, etc) and hinge (KB swing, DLs) another. I do like to run, tempo about 20min. Should probably add some time and the intervals.

Any more advice? Thanks a lot.

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