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Greg Battaglia
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Default Adrenal exhaustion?

Hey, it's been a while since I've posted on here but I have a serious question for anyone who may be able to help. I personally know a few people who regularly visit this forum so I'm a bit embarrassed to put all of this perosnal information on here, but I need help badly and need to admit to my faults.

So let's see, for the past 4 years I think I could safely say that I've suffered some degree of adrenal fatigue due to the stress of college (just graduated in May but was in college for 6 years due to changing majors so many times), relationship problems with my ex-girlfreind that were extremely draining, poor social support (virtually all of my friends are drug addicts or alcoholics and I don't have much in common with any of them anymore leading to feelings of deep alienation), low calorie intake due to time constraints from school and working long hours that prevented me from having time to prepare and consume meals.

Until this past May when i graduated college I definitely felt the mental and physical effects of all these stressors coming down on me for so long but I still felt that I could make a comeback and recover. However, after graduation I simply could not find a good job with health benefits and good pay and had to resort to working at a local restaurant, which has led to working very long hours in a very stressful, fast-paced environment, often working 12 hours straight with no food (there usually is no time to eat and if there is i must shove it down my throat as fast as possible). I also work every single weekend all weekend long and have no time to socialize with friends, leading to further alienation and feelings of loneliness and hopelessness. I have a few days off during the week but they are often spent alone as everyone else is working on these days.

Well, this past weekend I decided to go out on saturday night for my friends birthday and had a few drinks. I woke up the next day with a severe headache but just assumed it was a bad hangover. However, after about an hour of being awake i suddenly began to feel extremely dizzy and faint and my friend even said that I looked horrible and should have a seat. I sat down on the floor and suddenly everything went wrong. My heart rate jacked up through the roof, my head pounded with pain, my arms and legs went completely numb, I curled up in a ball on the floor and started shaking back and forth, crying (embarrassed to admit that, but it's what happened :/ ). I felt like I was going to die, literally. I had an extreme sense of impending doom, literally as if i were losing my mind. I genuinely felt as though I were having a nervous breakdown. My friends were shocked and rushed me to the hospital once I could actually stand up without falling over. The doctors ran an EKG, chest x-ray, and blood tests including cardiac enzymes. Everything came back normal except for my resting heart rate was 115 bpm. The doc had no idea what it was, other than possibly an anxiety attack, although he wasn't sure.

This happened on Sunday and now, 4 days later, i still don't feel right. I have a very spacey detached feeling all the time as if my life is a movie I'm watching everyday. I also feel very dizzy and lethargic at all time, although the symtpoms are by far the worst in the morning and tend to reduce at night time. I literally wake up everyday feeling as though I've been beaten with a baseball bat in my sleep. My joints hurt, headache, random body pains, muscle weakness. I went to my GP on Tuesday and he was very confused by what happened. He's running a test for testosterone and thyroid function along with sed rate to help determine what is going on. I'd like to get more tests but I have no health insurance and am now in debt because of my ER visit. I forgot to mention that my body is always cold, my memory and cognitive function is HORRIBLE, and my sex drive is very low. These symptoms have been going on for at least the last two months with increasing severity, eventually culminating into what happened this past Sunday, although I genuinely haven't felt right in over a year to be honest. I've been bed ridden all week and had to call out of work tonight and probably tomorrow night as well.

This has me very scared as i fear I'm in the final stages of adrenal fatigue (AKA adrenal exhaustion), which can lead to serious health problems. If there is anyone at all that can help me to figure this out I'd be more than appreciative. Thank you.
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