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Nicolas Warren
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Mon 17 Oct '11

Clean: 80x2x6
Snatch: 60x3x6
M-row: 40kgx25
GHSUs: 12

Wed 19 Oct '11

HPS + HS + Snatch: 65x6
Back Squat: 105x2x10
M-row: 50x25
GHSUs: 10x2

Thu 20 Oct '11

Power Clean + Clean: 85x6

Sat 22 Oct '11

Snatch: 75, 80, 85, 90x (behind), 95x, 95x, 95x, 95x (in front), 80x, 80, 70x3x3
Back Squat: 100x2x10

Mon 24 Oct '11

Clean + Power Clean: 90x4
Snatch + Power Snatch: 75x2.5 (missed one of the power snatches)
Front Squat: 105x3x3

Wed 26 Oct '11

Snatch: ...80x2x5 ('5.5' sets)
Back Squat: 110x3x4
Overhead Squat: 50x3, 70, 80, 90, 95, 100
M-row: 40x10, 40x30

Thu 27 Oct '11

Clean: 105x2x2, 90x2x4

Sat 29 Oct '11

Clean Pull, Hang Clean, Front Squat: 50, 50, 70, 80, 85, 90
Clean: 100x3x3
Front Squat: 100x3, 110x3, 120x3
Overhead Squat: ...90, 97.5, 102.5 (pb)
Power Snatch: 50x3x4

Mon 31 Oct '11

Clean: ...90, 100, 110, 95x2x3
Snatch: ... 80, 85x, 70x3x4
Front Squat: ... 110x3, 125x3 (pb), 130x2, 120x3
GHSUs: 10, 10w/5kg

Wed 2 Nov '11

Snatch: ... 70x2x2, 80x, 80, 85, -> Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch: 60x5
Back Squat: ... 137.5x5x5

Thu 3 Nov '11

C+FS+C+FS+PC: ...85x5

Sat 5 Nov '11

Snatch: ... 80, 85, 90x, 90, 95x, 95x, 95x (all in front)
Back Squat: ...152.5x3x5
Dead Lift: ...160, 180x4

Mon 7 Nov '11

Clean: ...100, 110, 117.5, 125, 130x, 130x, 130x
Snatch: 75x2x5
Front Squat: 120x2x3
GHSUs: 10w/2.5kg, 10w/5kgx2
M-rows: 50x10, 50x15

Wed 9 Nov '11

Snatch: ...80, 85, 90x ('soft miss'), 92.5x (missed behind and barbell landed on my back, propelling me forward almost into the wall: grazed my knees but otherwise ok, thankfully), 50x3, 70x2, 77.5, 82.5x (missed behind)
Back Squat: ...95x2, 125x2x2

Thu 10 Nov '11

C+FS+C+FS+PC: 90x4
M-row: ...60x3
Band PAs: 50
GHSUs: 15x2 w/ 5kg

Sat 12 Nov '11

Snatch: ...80, 85x, 85, 90, 92.5x ('soft miss'), 92.5
Back Squat: ... 100x3, 130x2, 155, 172.5x, 172.5x
Dead Lift: ... 140x3, 170, 195x

Overview: Last four weeks were ok. I've also been pressing some Sundays just lightly to try to build my shoulder up again, which has been up and down. The missed snatch on 9 November was a bit hairy (second time I've had a bad time with 92.5kg). Nice to finally get over 90kg again on the snatches; need to work on holding the weight back and not jumping forward. No pbs on any lifts, except for front and overhead squats, which I've added into the mix again. Was a bit tired from the extra squatting but feel better than I did four weeks ago.
Age/Height/BW: 29/6'/100kg.
Snatch: 114kg. C&J: 140kg. BS/FS: 195/160kg.
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