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Steve Burke
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Default Log of mediocrity

Hi all,

Thought I would start logging my training here. Sorry for the long postÖ

Current lifts (short term goal) everything is in Kgs:

Deadlift: 230 (250)
Stiff legged deadlift: 220 (dont really care)
Oly squat: 160 (180)
Front squat: 130 (150)
Clean: 110 (120)
Jerk: 115 (130)
Snatch: not done one in a couple of years (90)

I have done a couple of u90Kg strongman comps this year, will be doing a couple next year but also want to do a weightlifting comp and maybe a powerlifting comp if I can ever be bothered to bench press lol.

Here are a couple of recent vids from the last comp I did in September:

Deadlift: 210, 220, 230 (equal PB)


I have done some work since then Iím hoping for at least 240, maybe a cheeky 250. Pulled my right glute a little from locking out a SLDL so will have to re-test my conventional deadlift soon.

OH medley: 80Kg log, 44Kg dumbbell, 80Kg fixed axle


Rushed the second log, tried to take a breath when the log was racked, this threw me off for the rest of the event.

20 Nov:

Oly Squat: worked up to 5x5 @ at 112.5.

Felt nice, slowed decent which has helped to keep balance on the way up. Tend to fail all my squats forward so Iím trying to fix this.

Clean: Worked to 7 singles at 85kg

Having to re-learn parts of this, I was originally taught to crash the bar into my legs on the second pull. As a result I was always chasing the bar forwards. A couple of PB power cleans attempts have been failed previously even though the bar had hit my clavicles ha ha!
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