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Steve Burke
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Default Why are the back of my knees so tight?

Hi, just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue and how they got it fixed.

Recently I have been getting a tightness behind my knee, like it is going to cramp up, but never does. I haven’t noticed any swelling or anything like that, but I guess it would be pretty tricky for me to notice anyway…

Funnily enough it doesn’t tend to occur when I train but it has happened when I have gone for a walk or have kneeled down, which I do a lot as I have a 6 month old daughter .

I have been digging around there with a hockey ball which has helped but it is still happening regularly.

A couple of weeks ago I pulled my right glute locking out a stiff legged deadlift, the knee tightness happened around this time as well. I thought the two were linked but the same is happening with my other knee.

Is this odd or am I just getting old?
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