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Adee Zukier
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Red face Just a Girl Looking to get Strong

Hey Everyone!

Thought I would introduce myself as I plan on logging my workouts here!

My name is Adee Zukier. I am a 21 year old female studying at the University of Guelph (Honours Psychology) looking to someday become an Elementary School teacher. However, outside of my educational life I am a fitness enthusiast.

My love of fitness began in 2007 when I decided that my unhealthy weight, and sedentary life was cramping my style. I went from 167.8 lb to 125 (I am 5"6) in just over 4 months from exercise at the local globo gym and dialling in my nutrition. For the next 3 years I continued to run on treadmills and follow a typical bicep-back, triceps-chest, legs-shoulders routine. Eventually, I got bored and would beg my boyfriend to make-up workouts for me. Frustrated and annoyed with me, he told me about this website called crossfit.com that posts a workout everyday and I should just follow that.

I began following main page CrossFit in 2010 and saw enormous changes in my fitness capacity (I was a total beginner). Soon after I joined my local affiliate CrossFit Guelph and became obsessed as most do with the sport of fitness that is CrossFit. I am now a CrossFit Trainer at CrossFit Guelph and Vaughan Strength and Conditioning which offers CrossFit programming amongst powerlifting and olympic weightlifting programs.

Today I am 135-140 lbs. depends on what I ate that day and how hard my workout was. I attribute the 10 lb weight gain to merely the change in my strength training. I switched from targeting specific muscles like in a bicep curl or a quad curl on the machine and began full body functional movements that increased the firmness and mass in ALL my muscles! LADIES!!! The idea that strength training makes you "jacked" is a myth!!

What brings me here? CrossFit is an awesome thing because it introduces people like me to parts of fitness that otherwise I would have never attempted to try. The first time I saw someone snatch, I actually think it was a snatch balance, I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The speed, power, accuracy and grace that is encompassed by an experienced weightlifter is something that inspires me everyday. So of course I love CrossFit but I have decided to take a step back and focus on some fundamentals. I truly believe that getting strong is the hardest part of CrossFit. Strength takes time, dedication, and patience whereas "gas" comes easy (easier).

I have heard amazing things about Catalyst Athletics programming and so here I begin my journey to strength.

I am lacking a workout partner and will be posting videos looking for critiques, and asking questions when I am confused!! I would love any help you can give!!

Thanks for letting me introduce myself!!
Adee Zukier
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