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Default Gregory's New Deal

I've ended my training log on the thread Greg's Peak Performance. I've had a major life change and feel like I need a new training log to reflect this change thus the title.

On October 25 of this year I was diagnosed with kidney cancer when an ultrasound showed a mass on my right kidney. A couple of day's later the CT Scan revealed 3 more tumors, one on the vena cava, and one on each adrenal gland. On Wedndesday November 9 all four tumors, my right kidney, and both adrenal glands were removed by one of the top cancer and urology doctors in the country at USC. The surgery went well and my recovery has been speedy thanks in no small part to being otherwise healthy and having a great surgeon

Losing one kidney is not that big of deal since the other kidney will adapt and perform the job of two kidneys. Thankfully I did not lose both and end up on dialysis. Unfortunately, I lost both adrenal glands thus losing two well known hormones , adrenaline and cortisol. Much like a diabetic I am now steroid dependent taking hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone. Hydrocortisone is to replace the cortisol and the fludrocortisone is to help balance the minerals in my kidney like retaining sodium and releasing potassium.

One of the major goals of this new thread will be to help my track my hydrocortisone. Cortisol is the stress hormone and since surgery and recovery are quite stressful I've been on elevated hydrocortisone. Currently I am still titrating down the dose to determine my maintenance level. I also need to determine if I need to spread my dosing out from twice a day to three. Then I have to figure out how to stress dose. When I go for a long hike or run I need to take additional hydrocortisone. if I do a new intense workout which I have not worked up to I need to stress dose.

This Wednesday will be six weeks out from my surgery and I can start lifting things heavier than 15 lbs. again but it will be about 6 months for me to be completely healed. My first major fitness goal of 2012 is to run in the 10.6 mile event in the Big Sur International Marathon on April 29. After that I hope to resume my barbell training and going overhead. We'll see about resuming activities like mountain climbing and mountain biking. Since the technical side of these activities requires adrenaline to do them safely it will have to be on a limited basis and with people willing to put up with the ups and downs of my condition.

As for diet I was on Paleo plus dairy prior to the surgery. Right now that isn't entirely feasible. I have to limit protein intake while the kidney adapts and I have to watch potassium. Limiting these two makes eating enough difficult so I am eating bread, corn, and rice these days Grains have never caused me major issues except maybe with weight. Post surgery I lost 15 lbs adapting to the new steroid regim and I am currently at 173. I would like to keep it below 175 so I hope to get off the grains or at least eat them on a more limited basis.

Let the fun begin.
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