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Adee Zukier
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Default Monday December 19, 2011

Keith thanks so much for letting me know. Today I lengthened my rest times to 1:30 between each set and it gave me time to think about each lift.

I live in Toronto, Ontario but I am currently studying in Guelph, Ontario just 45 min away from Toronto. I train out of my local CrossFit affiliate (CrossFit Guelph) usually alone because everyone else just follows the daily WOD. As a trainer I am lucky to have full use of the gym and go in on off hours and train.


Mad-hang Snatch - 70lbs x 2 x 6

Today I trained with others and had the luxury of filming my lifts on their cameras.
My snatches felt pretty good. My catch position is solid the main problem I am having is reaching full extension. I don't open my hips completely before getting under the bar a common problem. So I am going to have to work on that.
Practice, Practice, Practice.

Power Jerk 95lb x 2 x 6

Need to be more aggressive and push under the bar faster. I am much much more comfortable split jerking but I understand the need for both.

Snatch Pull 95lb x 4 x 5

Getting more comfortable with the movement need to focus on pulling straight up and not extending my back and pulling backwards.

5 sets
5 KB clean and push press/arm (used a 12 Kg KB)
5 renegade rows per arm (used a 20lb DB)

found using KB's for the renegade rows was too hard to balance and dumbbells were way easier. Ill get there!

Tommorow I am heading to FLORIDA!!! for 7 days to soak up some sun and get out of dreary and rainy and cold Canada!

I will try and get some training in at some gyms in the area there but overall it will be a vacation!! see you all again in 7 days!!!
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