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Rick Barker
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Default Updated Snatch and Clean & Jerk


First of all, the ankle is slowly starting to feel better. I wanted to see if my lifts are getting any better. The snatch is about 85%, and the clean and jerk is >95%.



My hips might still rise a little too much off the floor, and it seems to me like I still hang out a little too long at the top. I also don't feel like I finish very strongly with my arms at lockout. My hips shoot back a little on the recovery too. Overall it just doesn't look very snappy. What do you see? Does it lack snappiness because I hang out too long at the top?

Clean and Jerk


Some of the same problems as the snatch. I think my early arm bend is a result of the bar being a little forward, but I'm not sure. I feel like my elbows should be down a little more on the jerk, but when I was doing it that way, I would press early with the arms and my shoulders would hurt. My front foot lands first in the jerk all the time, and I can't seem to figure out why. I know the lift doesn't look like >95%, but I've never gotten more.

I appreciate any and all advice/cues.


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Matt Morris
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In general, they both look OK. I would try to keep your butt down during your first pull, especially on your snatch. When your butt comes up, you are overcompensating, and its causing your bar path to be "loopier" than you want it.

Also, it looks like you are pulling with your arms a bit early. If you wait until your hips are more fully extended, you will transfer more power to the bar.

Keep it up!
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Greg Everett
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This is a big improvement; good job.

Yes your hips come up a bit too much as you leave the floor on your snatch. Definitely could change directions at the top faster, but it's not that bad - snap the hips in and back immediately as you pull under.

You do bend the arms early in the clean, but it's just to bring the bar into your hips. I would still try to reduce how much you do it by shrugging up and back to bring the bar up and back higher on the legs with your upper back rather than by rowing w the arms.
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Rick Barker
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Thanks a lot. Glad to hear it's getting better.
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Spencer Mackay
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I think they look quite good too. There are always technical points to try and iron out.

You catch both quite high, so there is definitely more in the tank right now, no doubt. I notice on both lifts that your feet contact quite a bit before you catch the bar and before you reach the bottom position. This might be why you don't think it feels very snappy. You also lose strong contact with the bar as you rack it so it may not feel as aggressive as you might want it to. These are relatively minor points though.

What is your strength like?
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Rick Barker
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Back squat 125
Front Squat 105-110
Push Press 75
Deadlift 160

I'm still focusing quite a bit on strength development.

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