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Luís Rosindo
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Default Luís Rosindo log

Hi guys, I present myself to you .
24yrs old guy from Portugal.
Sporting background
Soccer-6 to 16 yrs old
Kickboxing- 14 to 18yrs old, and at 19 until 22
Mountain biking - 19 to 22yrs old.

Joined the Air Force at 19, I am now an helicopter Pilot, objectives are to lose weight (my soccer weight was 72, my kickboxing weight was 68), get faster and try to mantain and if possible gain some strenght.

I will train 6days per week, and will be like this:

mon-speed work (sprints plyos etc) and gym
tue-soccer practice (i will start to play soccer again)
wed-speed work and gym
thur-soccer practice
fri- speed work and gym

on tuesdays and thursdays will also do some active recovery in the morning.

PR´s and times taken in December:

Power CLean- 60kg
Snatch: 45kg
Chin ups-92kg

30m (standing start with track shoes)-4.50s
60m (standing start with start shoes)-7.75s
Vertical Jump(standing start)-52.5cms
Horizontal Jump(standing star)-2.14m

24yr old

Objectives for the first half of 2012:

Vertical jump-60cms
Horizontal jump-2.40m
Try to mantain or even gain some strengh in other lifts.

Cheers and a happy new 2012
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