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Pierre Auge
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Steve don't get ahead of yourself here - you still owe me 5 workouts
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Steve Shafley
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I know. I'll have them out this week. I am scared of the chipper + back squats!
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Rick Deckart
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Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
I'd be happy to dabble in it, but I'm going to have to go over the stuff you posted to get a feel for it.

Remind me if I forget.
I would appreciate that. I did a little test yesterday, Javorek complex 1 with 20.0kg for 30 reps each exercise. While I had difficulties holding the bar, I had to regrip several times as my forearms did hurt like hell, I think I could start such a cycle with 25.0kg or maybe even 27.5--30.0kg if I use straps. I would try to get to 40.0kg in the first phase (I know very optimistic), perhaps 50--60kg in the second phase (I know even more optimistic, or to put it another way likely not realistic) and try to see were I can land in phase III. The more I think about it, the more I am inclined to postpone the sots press/pullup cycle and do the WFH first...

That would mean day 1: Javorek complex 1

I wouldn't do sets across, more likely something like 20.0kg, 25.0kg, 30.0kg for sets 1--3, to get some sort of warmup, perhaps even adding some mini bands into the equation. Sounds horrible...

I would need something to round that off for day 2...

The first 4 weeks sound absolutely masochistic, but we shall see.

BTW Pierre I don't think Steve want's to try that himself.

The homepage of Javorek:


And a video of one of his proteges doing complex 1


Don't know why but I like the way he comments with his foreign accent through the video : "...on your toes Brandon..." in one of the other vids.

Thinking about it again, I might do only three workouts a week, alternating day 1 and day 2 like in SS. And I would probably do the excercises with 90sec rest inbetween to cope with detoriation of form and to allow independent weight progress...
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Rick Deckart
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Hi James, your still around?
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James Evans
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Peter been away from work (and therefore the pc) for a few days. Have that schedule for you but need to type it up. There are some similarities.
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