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Old 03-01-2012, 09:37 AM   #1
Jon Taylor
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Join Date: Feb 2012
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Default Old Guy O-Lift Training - Mang Foremong

Seek help from all but esp Matt since you are ...well...old
Reading your book, great stuff!
I'm 47 - have done ? 6 meets. Best at Arnold 3 yr ago 91 / 120 at 105.

My approach has always been pretty simple and dimwitted - just do the lifts as often as possible trying to improve technique (in my basement with no coach!) and increase weight. Mostly Joe Mills 20/20 kinda thing or Bulgarian sorta max then hit some singles at 90%. Some squats and deadlifts now and then.

Several confounding factors have lead me to desperate measures - such as signing up for internet forums and crying out for help:

1) stagnation / dead in the water - have I hit the point of no return at 47?

2) injuries - finding I have to work around more and more "stuff"

3) job/family - pretty much limited to 2 sessions per week - other days just quick rehab stuff, wheelchair conditioning, walker dips, chair aerobics, bingo

So toying with dangerous ideas:

- if my technique is what it is (bad) maybe just focus on getting stronger while I still can - actually have tried this, just doing an 8 week SQ/BP/DL cycle and max snatch and clean and jerk went up!

- break "lifts" down into less injurious components and get stronger at those;
power snatch/overhead squat, , power clean/front squat/jerk
or snatch pulls/OHS, , clean pulls/press/front squat etc.

- back way off on "lifts" going no where near "max" and hammer big basic strength moves more

- converting to shuffle board

Thank you for any help / advice you can provide.
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