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Yael Grauer
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Default Yael's Journal

Okay, I just turned 33 yesterday. Starting a journal to keep track of my progress and diet. Right now just doing boatloads of BJJ and trying to do some S+C, more on the mobility/stabilization side, when not at the gym. Working on being a bit more Paleo compliant.

Breakfast: 1 orange, 2 eggs cooked with Kerrygold butter
Lunch: some kind of stew with chicken thighs and collard greens, and an orange
Dinner: Paleo chili with beef and ground pork
Snack: 6 dried apricots, oh and fish oil

BJJ: 1 hour of jits, just an easy fundamentals class

S+C: Roy Duquette's Full Body Stability standing active posture series. It's just things like shrugs, front raises, L-flys, db overhead presses and standing bicep curls, really low weight, with a focus on maintaining good posture, lengthening, contracting the lats, etc. and maintaining stability of the shoulders. Hoping to do this 3X/week for a week or two and then move on to the harder stuff.
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