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Anton Emery
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Cool, wish I had time to train that much. With the day job and wanting to do other things too I have been rolling 2-3x a week and doing strength work twice a week. The grappling is usually some form of judo or jits class. For strength work its just been the two day a week 5 3 1 template. Squats and bench on one day, Deadlifts and Press on another. Ill also throw in some assistance work in the form of chins and dips usually after the main lifts. I do these workouts before jits class, that way I dont have to go somewhere after work every night of the week. The lifting does not seem to affect jits afterwards, though sometimes a heavy deadlift session is taxing, so I will move it to a non grappling day.

Its not the most exciting program but it keeps me steadily building strength, perhaps a bit of muscle mass, and leaves me plenty of time for grappling.

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