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Jeff Bonn
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Default The 6 Million Dollar Man

Sadly I'm talking Zimbabwean dollars in 2008, which is about 0.8 US cents.

So, I started on a treck to get good at olympic lifting. I achieved made it to a snatch max of 105lb and a C&J max of 135lb. Unfortunately an attempt at 140lb tweeked my low back during the receipt of the clean.

So, now I'm two days into getting my back heeled up and I'm looking at a great new opportunity; starting from scratch again.

So want do I want to do?
I want to spend the next 12 months building myself up to get to be a good olympic lifting technician. I want to be more injury resistant and mobile in so far as it helps my continued capability to train and improve my olympic lifting.

Who am I?
I'm 32, 6'3", 240lb. Never an athlete, always a bridesmaid. I'm running about 24% BF (electro-resistance thingy), so I've got some lb to lose for sure, but not sure how accurate that # is. My back is obviously a little messed up, but I'm icing and rolling and stretching. I'm married and have a 6mo old daughter which means I've got about 6 hours a week (2 hours x 3days) to train.

My mobility is limited (shocking). The verticalness of my torso needs work. OHS are a challenge at the bottom as a result. Even in my weightlifting shoes I need to stick 2.5lb plates under the heels to get a real upright torso. I know that often means lack of ankle flexibility, which is at least part of the problem, but I never feel any tension in my calves/heels. It "feels" like my hips need to be farther forward, could that be?

Anyway the specifics of my problems aside, what do you all think the "order of operations" should be? My thoughts are as follows, but I'm very open to input.

Phase 0 (as required): back repair
Phase 1 (1-2 months): Mobility - Hot yoga? Have my massage therapist PNF me to oblivion?
Phase 2 (2-3 months): Fundamentals - Squat, pull, and press variations, minimal snatch/CJ work.
Phase 3 (2-3 months): Piece-wise lift work. From 1st to 3rd pull work piece-wise variations of the snatch and C&J (i.e. snatch grip dead lifts, snatch pulls, tall snatches, snatch balance, sotts press).
Phase 4 (2-3 months): Traditional 8-12 week training cycle from Greg's book, assess deficiencies and program accordingly.

The short of it is that I am, for all intents and purposes a pretty deconditioned and very novice person and I want to get better at o-lifting. How should I prioritize my efforts?

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