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Cory Lacek
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Default Hook Grip/Hand Issues

I've recently switched to this grip after getting into the Olympic lifts, but the calluses on my hands (just under the fingers, the middle one in particular) is giving me much pain. I think a blister is beginning to form under the middle one.

Is this normal when switching to the hook grip? I think I'm probably grabbing the bar wrong, maybe too much in my palms and this is forcing the bar to pinch the upper portion of my hand where the calluses are. My hands are small--i can barely manage two fingers around my thumb--but I don't think this is the problem, although it could be. I think the issue is with how I'm holding it, as well as grip strength, etc.

But I want to know what some of the more experienced people think of this--is it normal to develop blisters under the calluses when first switching? Or am I holding the bar wrong? It could be that I'm holding it too tight and trying to overcompensate for my small hands....idk.

Any help would be great. I hope I've been clear thus far--I can clarify more if anyone needs me too.

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