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Yael Grauer
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Hmm, I'm not sure how many classes 'til I get striped. I did get a stripe after going through the fundamentals series 3 times, though, which was about 4 and a half months, but that's 4 classes a week. Intermediate is only taught 2X/week. I'm sure I'll be allowed to roll by the time my contract runs out at the end of November, though.

Honestly, I don't think being more technically proficient is going to help me with the advanced class the way my coach thinks it will... I'm still going to need to learn from training against resistance. Like when I visited Red's gym I got to roll with Heather Bassett, who's an ammy MMA fighter and smaller than me, and she kept getting this one sweep when I was working on a pass, so then she showed me how she was getting it and I just wasn't using my hip pressure as well as I should've been. I could drill working hip pressure a zillion times--and I have--but it's still not going to click for me the way it needs to unless shit comes up when I'm rolling live.

As far as a BJJ player who lifts weights or a weightlifter who does BJJ...well, I don't consider myself as training in anything unless I'm competing in it or at least have a set number or a goal I want to get to. Like when I took a year off of jits, I did Cressey's powerlifting program, but it was to get ready for this women's weightlifting camp... which ended up being a joke, but anyway, I did a 16-week program to prepare for an actual event (even though it wasn't a competition.) I love jits, but if I can't train enough to compete, then I'm not really motivated to drill, get my cardio up, etc. because why bother? So I need to find another goal; something to train or prep for. But I'm paying way too much in BJJ fees to really try to compete in anything else and pay for the extra coaching, equipment, etc. So yeah, this sucks...
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