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Chad Lammert
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Default Books

Hi Greg-

I was wondering if you would care to comment on a couple books I've seen on this website. First, you are releasing a new weightlifting book and I was hoping you could go into a little bit of detail on the key differences between this new book and your first one. I've enjoyed the first one tremendously--consequently am using it for my programming and can't wait to share results I find with the classic lifts and positions cycle--and I'd like to know what sort of information I could gain by adding your new book to my library. Second, I see Joe Kenn's book on your website often and have looked for more information online. Beyond forums and a few powerpoint presentations, there really doesn't seem to be too much out there. Would you care to comment on this book and how it could be useful?

Thanks very much. I love this site, love the forum and love your and Robb's podcast. I really find watching your athlete's training videos to be helpful and the more you guys put up there the better!
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