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Shane Skowron
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Default Shoulder pain on press

A few weeks ago I started doing a ridiculous number of snatch grip presses to work on my snatch lockout. Not too long afterward my shoulder started hurting with many movements. I played it safe and rested and healed it up and now I have no problem with snatches, jerks, curls, pulls, weighted pullups, etc.

However I still have some significant pain at the bottom of the press, just after the bar passes my chin.
Also hurts when I do the shoulder dislocate stretch (which I used to be able to do really well, with a jerk grip even).

Going by this:

I cannot do abduction or internal rotation without pain. The rest are fine.

It's probably impingement. What can I do to heal up and get pressing again? I'm looking for specific exercises and stretches.
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