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Old 06-12-2012, 09:35 AM   #1
Chad Lammert
Join Date: Mar 2012
Location: Glendale, WI
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Default planning vs programming

Dave, as you requested, i started up a new thread on what we were just discussing. You said that you don't so much program as you do plan. I was wondering if you would expound on that and how you seek and find progress with your training.

Also, (as if that wasn't enough of a scope for one thread) I'm feeling defeated with my own training. About two and a half months ago, I was making stellar progress. I was hitting a new PR about every four weeks, i was feeling strong and eager to push forward. I took a week off of training to deload and I literally did nothing. When I got back in the gym, both of my lifts seemed not only foreign, but also, heavier than ever. For about two months, i've just been trudging along, but not getting anywhere to the extent that I haven't even been in the ballpark of the PR I set for myself just a short time ago. I was busting my ass on technique, trying to keep the bar close to the body, and now I feel like I need to start over from square one. Lately, as I talked about in my last thread, I've been doing the classic lifts cycle from the book. Today was day one of week five. I hate to even admit it, but when i got in the gym today I couldn't lift what I lifted the last week (which was supposed to have been another deload week at 10% less than week three). Needless to say, I feel like I'm on some sort of downward spiral. I ask myself what my ultimate goal is and that is to get stronger at these lifts--I'd like to actually compete, but I've got a long way to go. I think i can go in either of two directions: continue with this cycle, have me ego suck it up and base my efforts not off my last PR but probably 90% of it, or i could toss in the towel and start the strength cycle which I've been eyeing up for some time. I hate the idea of quitting, but I'm pretty down on myself and want a change of pace.

Further more, as was sort of the discussion in another thread, I desperately want my squat over 300lbs (high-bar and I want that form to be rock solid). Right now, high-bar for me is probably 245-250--I'm terrible at keeping the upright torso. With that goal in mind, I look at Greg's squat volume cycle which I would also like to do, but I don't know what else I could incorporate into my training with regard to o-lifts.

This thread became much more than I intended, but I'm being pulled in different directions and you guys have been awesome so far with your honest feedback and I just wanted to divulge and see if anything comes back.

As always, thanks again for looking at this and giving your time to help people like me.


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