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Richard Bendekovic
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Default Jerk Pain

I started concentrating on Olympic lifts through Catalyst a little over two months ago. My jerk has always been a mess and during the first six weeks whenever I jerked it turned into a push press for the last three inches of extension (as it was pre-Catalyst). I learned more about jerk technique (through your site and DVD) and worked on jerk drills and then the last couple times jerks have come up in the workout I feel a pain in the front of my right shoulder joint. The weird part is I feel nothing when I press, for example on Monday I did push press 150x5x3 no problem other than that is about my max for 5. Today I tried a 135 jerk and felt the pain at extension. It actually feels more like a nerve than pain because there is no lingering pain or soreness after the lift, it just feels like the shoulder is going to give during the lift. I do the Catalyst dynamic warm up, plus shoulder distractions with bar and band, plus a bunch of warm-up sets and movements, and have experienced this only once about six months ago while doing power jerks but it was before my olympic concentration and heavy jerks did not come up again for some time. I have 46 year old joints and know this just may be the breaks but I am hoping this is something someone has experience with and can advise. If not I am screwed because I am not going to a Dr. for this, I will just go real light on jerks until this works out. Thanks.
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