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John Janecek
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Default Troy Bumper problems-warning!!

Fellow Strength Coaches,

I know if any of you had a bad experience with a piece of equipment and told me about it I'd be grateful, well here's mine...

I was hired in June 2011 at my high school as a fulltime strength coach. A brand new weightroom was built and outfitted with almost 200 Troy bumper plates for 24 platforms before I was hired.

As of today all 48 of the 25lb bumpers have eroded to the point that the metal insert is barely hanging on and about to come out AND 89 of 96 45lb bumpers are starting to have similar issues-I can move the metal insert in the 45's around with my fingers already-never had that happen in my 22 years of strength coaching.

I understand every 2-3 years having to replace a few 25's but ALL of them in 10-12 months?? AND 35's/45's too...?

After 5 emails to a Troy rep starting last month, sending a video, making an exact count of every bumper during the past month I was told this:

Good morning John,

I would like to thank you for being helpful and providing all the
necessary information to move this claim along.

After extensive communication with our sales and quality departments, we
have come to a consensus.

A loose insert on a bumper plate does not constitute failure of the
product as the product remains functional in the manner as intended and
has not failed per the terms of the warranty. The plates have degraded
through continued use, but are still functional and capable of usage in
the way they were intended.

Unfortunately, I cannot issue credit or replacements for this warranty
claim at this time. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

I hope you have a great day,

Jeannette Blood
Claims Representative
USA Sports & Troy Barbell

Collars are always used, I teach them to drop the bar straight to the platform, and they go to a 35 after the 25 has 10 extra lbs from metal plates on it.

Heres the video I sent them of my “functional plates”.


Of course you’re free to buy whatever bumpers you choose but I know one bumper I'm never buying again. $15,000 is a little too much to spend for bumpers that only last a year in my opinion.

If you know of anyone thinking of bumper plates pass this along…

John Janecek
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