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Joseph DeVitis
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Default Snatch Technique Tips

Hey everyone. First time poster here, but been a follower/lurker for awhile. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a peak and give me any advice on my technique for my snatch. I'd like to make some gains in the load but I want to make sure I'm hitting the lift correctly first before reenforcing any bad mechanics. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Blair Lowe
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Looks relatively good.

Try to go to the bottom. I'm guilty of this at times when I find I am tiring out.
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Keith Miller
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The bar is getting too far away from you in the second pull, i.e. you're swinging it up into position. Probably the reason you can't squat/get deeper under the bar, you have to stop it from going backward. Once you pop the hips, use the arms to keep the bar close and get under it. I second the "getting into the bottom position" comment!!
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Blair Lowe
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Hmm, as you start bringing the bar back towards your hips, I think you are allowing the weight in you feet to shift towards the balls of your feet. Had to see it again to watch.

At least I think I'm seeing that.
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