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David Boyle
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Power Clean to Front Squat

These were kinda hard but in a good way....had to wear a belt on my final set.

21 thrusters @ 95lbs
21 kipping pullups
15 deadlifts @ 225lbs
15 handstand pushups
9 squat cleans @ 138lbs
9 ring dips

Done under 10:00...like 9:40 or something like that. I did the thrusters/pullups unbroken and it went down hill from there...haha.

Now my work routine schedule has changed somewhat. I'll be running conditioning sessions in the mornign starting next week. I'll be deploying to OEF next year so I'm going to start training more like this, adding boots/utes/flak jacket as well.


145lbs x 2
165lbs x 2
175lbs x 2
175lbs x 2
180lbs x 2
180lbs x 1 missed 2nd


Round 1 using 95lbs
3 press
5 push press
7 push jerk
15 step ups with bar behind back on 24" box...(realized that was a little too high

Did rounds 2, 4, and 5 with same weight but 12" box...with 3 minute heavy bag in between each round.

Tried 135lbs for round 3 but I was smoked and only got to 3 press/5 push press/5 push jerks then dropped the weight.
"One must try everyday to expand one's limits."
~Mas Oyama~
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