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dipankar mohanty
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Default Program question. In reference to greg's book (beginner template)


Will give a little backgrounder first. I started learning the olympic lifts from february. Currently my snatch is 63kg (65 kg I did do that but my arms and shoulder nearly buckled) and clean and jerk is 75 kg. I work out in a commercial gym so it has nothing for weightlifting. Just a decent barbell and good plates. After just learning the technique, getting flexibility, with light-medium weights for 3-4 months I started to follow the beginner template on page 286-287 on greg's oly lifting book. I've been doing stage 1 at the moment for 3 weeks now. Well my snatch and C&J have remained the same during the period. So my question is do I need to complete to stage 2 and stage 3 or should I go into for example a classic lift position/technique or a strength and power development phase? my strength sucks!! I'd say my technique is like 90% correct. My seconds pulls are not strong enough sometimes and sometimes I get the timing wrong of the second pull, but when i do get it right everything just flows smoothly. I can go ATG easily now. My front squat is around 90-95kg and back is 110kg or so. conventional deadlift of around 145kg. press is 61-65kg.
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