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Anthony Walling
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Default Problems Changing Direction

I'm new to the lifts and live pretty remote so choaches are hard to come by. I have gotten some help fixing small issues, but I find myself yet again stuck. In both the CJ and the Snatch, I find my self hesitating at the top of the second pull. Which leads to me be being slow in changing directions/third pull and I usually end up missing the lift. I get extension just fine, I feel the weight "float" for second, but then my butt doesn't want to get back down under the bar. I believe it's a mental issue, but was wondering if there are exercises or movements I can do to over come it? Would starting from the hang or doing segmented lifts help?

I've done some research but couldn't find any posts on the subject. I have some books and DVDs but again nothing specifically talking about, unless I missed something.

I will try to take some videos of myself and post it later this week.
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