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Kevin Pinel
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Default New to the forum - Looking to bulk / keep up Judo

Hi All,

My name is Kev and I'm new to the forum. I am looking for some guidance on how I should go about putting on weight.

I am currently 154 lbs (70kgs) at 5ft 10/11, 22 years old

I do Judo 2 times per week and one 2 hour squad fitness session. So far I have just been keeping fit with my Judo, but now I would like to bulk up and move up to the next weight category (under 81's).

I feel that my fitness is already at a high level (not trying to sound big headed, just realistic) but my strength is what always lets me down. So I need to lift more weights.

My best lifts right now are -

Deadlift 187lbs (85kgs) 3x5 (quite solid and explosive reps)
Squat, high bar 132lbs (60kgs) 1x5 (not very solid, bar slows downs)
Bench 121lbs (55kgs) 1x5 (my worst lift)
OHP 88lbs (40kgs) 3x5

I need help putting together a routine that is geared towards me putting on mass but not interfering with my recovery for Judo too much. End of the day, I love Judo but I'm never going to compete at a high level, its just my hobby, so I would prefer to focus training towards 'looking better', whilst STILL striving to improve my shocking strength.

I was thinking something along the following -

Monday - Push (bench 3x5 - Press 3x5 - assistance exercises)
Tuesday - JUDO
Wednesday - Pulling (dead 3x5 - chins - assistance exercises)
Thursday - JUDO
Friday - REST DAY
Saturday - Legs (back or front squats 3x5 - assistance exercises)
Sunday - Squad conditioning session

I have no idea if this looks like a good setup, so please feel free to tear apart. I also need advice on which assistance exercises to use and the rep ranges.

I know eating more will be key aswell, I need to work on this aspect.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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