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Ryan Dritlein
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Default Video Analysis - Snatch.. catching too high?!

Hey guys!

This will be my first post on this forum! Pretty excited to be a member here.

Quick stats.. I'm 165lb and 5' 11" .. been learning Olympic lifting for about a year this month. I havent been able to find a good coach out here except some crossfit gyms but they never really helped me figure out what I felt was wrong.

Anyway.. I downloaded a APP on my Android Tablet called Coaches Eye, so the video I am about to share has my commentary, some slow motion replays and some colored lines I drew on the video.

** I am trying hard to learn how to catch the bar in a lower squat position and I am not sure the best approach to practice this. I am not sure why, but I tense up and catch the snatch pretty high up all the time. How does my form look?

also, this is a hang snatch.. as I am trying to focus on the hip drive.. as I have a tendency to pull too fast in the first pull.

http://v.coachseye.com/GCvG << Link to the video and commentary.

Thanks guys!!
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