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John Janecek
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Default Troy-VTX Bumpers, no luck and still stuck with them.

Round two, no luck and they don't want to do anything.

We have handed it over to the people who wear nice suits and ties.....

Here's the last reply, since they said they are still ok I put two back out on the platforms and they broke out by the end of the day...

This sucks..

Strength coach at a school in Dallas told me (on my strength performance network page) they bought 22 sets from them and he's positive they sent him used plates when he bought new. He contacted them and they told him they would replace them but his school had to pay shipping and they couldn't afford it so they are stuck too....

Our Texas High School Coaches Association website has these guys on their products page for advertising, working on letting them know how they left us and our kids hanging and should they let other coaches know about it or let them advertise on their...

Out of my hands now, stacking broken bumpers by the wall daily...

Here's their reply:

I have sent all your information and documentation to my quality department for analysis.

I have been advised that USA Sports warranty for these plates does not cover the loosening of the center ring, only the complete falling out of the center ring is covered with issues of this nature. Unfortunately, I cannot issue a replacement for this warranty claim at this time. I apologize that there isnít more I can do for you.

If you have any further questions regarding USA Sports warranty, please contact your sales rep who can better address your concerns.

Thank you,

Employee of the Month!
Jeannette Blood
Claims Representative
USA Sports Inc/Troy Barbell
Tel: 713.957.2882 x271 | Fax: 713.957.3577
Toll Free: 800.USA.SPORTS (800.872.7767)
jeannette.blood@usasportsinc.com | www.troybarbell.com
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Peter Maxwell
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Default What a disgrace

I read thru the posts and what a disaster.

The goods purchased have obviously failed.

But they seem to be saying they havent failed because the inner rings are just loose and the plate can still be used. They are relying on the fair wear & tear principle (I am in Australia but so I only presume it is similar in the US - since my sons involvement with the sport my understanding is that a good bumper plate will last years of constant use if used correctly).

Instead of lining them up on the wall and not using them I wonder if it would not be more fruitful to instead use them more often so that the inner ring does separate which seems will eventually occur. If and when they do come adrift it doesnt sound as if they would be unsafe.

Even if you didnt do it with all the faulty plates I think it would strengthen any case you may have if there were at least a few that were broken right off. Then it would be a matter of, first they come loose and then they break meaning all the loose ones would break.

Your problem is that as a reputable purchaser you are dealing with an disreputable vendor.

A few months ago I bought my son a power cage and it was little more than pressed metal but fortunately it was 90 kgs lighter than the advertised price and I was able to return it.

I usually mind my own bees wax but the above was a thought that occurred to me as I read their disgusting letter to you in avoidance of being ethical.

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Old 11-21-2012, 08:48 PM   #3
John Janecek
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Couldn't agree more.

I have atleast nine that the middle has completely broken out but now they won't even talk to me or return the calls of our vendor who helped us out the first time.

I did put them all back out when the company said they were still "functional" but they broke soon after. I didn't put the ones out that cut kids fingers on the sharp edges, don't know why they think they can just turn their heads on this??

thats why the lawyers are taking care of it now...

Lots of coaches here in Texas have already told me they won't buy from them. Seeing as they are based in Houston I was think sooner or later they will feel this..

In the grand scheme of things they are prolonging this over $7,000 worth of bumpers, I'm sure they make many times more than that in a week. If they would have just cone out and fixed it in the first place I would understand and keep using their equipemnt as that could happen to anyone but how they handled this just makes me more angry everyday, its become my new hobby to cut and paste this story to every coach in Texas then to as many weightlifting forums, crossfit sites, strength coaching sites as possible...

Thanks for your reply, good luck on the power rack...

John Janecek
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John Janecek
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Posts: 37

Well atleast today it was something different.....

One of my athletes walks up and hands me a small piece of curved rubber, can't quite tell what it is then when I hold it up its a "2" from one of the 25lb bumpers...

Now the numbers that look like they are part of the bumper are actually peeling off...

The hits just keep on coming....
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