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Paul Fournier
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Default New to Oly lifting

Heya everyone. New to Oly lifting, and found posts on this forum to be useful, so I figured I'd ontroduce myself.

I'm an active Muay Thai competitor, so I'm doing this as an strength suppliment, but my god am I having fun doing it.
I'm 5'11", fight at 140 lbs, walk around at 150. My goal isn't weight gain or size, just dynamic strength.
I've been doing power motions for a while, but I just started getting into full motions, and I'm hooked. I just started the glen pendaly routine for beginners, and am just working out my strengths and weaknesses.

So far, I've done just enough, at light enough weights, to figure out that I lack shoulder and hip flexibility to catch the snatch in a proper overhead squat position, and am find my split jerk to be shaky at best.
I havn't found an olympic lift trainer in town, and don't have any recording medium yet, so I know it's like pissing in the wind, but any help or advice you can offer would be appreciated

I'm been stretching my shoulders with a broom stick, but with any sort of weight held overhead, at the bottom of my squat, right before comming up, my shoulders come foreward and I drop my weight. I've been working on barbell only overhead squats, squatting with a broomstick and pressing in the snatch position before comming up.
As for the jerk, is there an advantage or disadvantage to performing a push jerk or a split jerk? I don't feel comfortable catching the weight in the jerk, but that's a practice thing.

Anyways, thanks in advance for any replies!
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