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Barry Leonard
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Default Smolov Jr, Clean & Squat and Specialization Training

Hey guys, I'd like your opinions on something.

I've recently grown to love Power Cleans and I especially love Front Squats. So far the best I've done is Power Clean 120kg and the proceed to Front Squat it for 8 reps.
Now I am so motivated to get that as high as possible!

Do you think Smolov Jr. could work for that? I mean the first rep being a Clean and then just purely squatting the remainder of the prescribed reps.

For those unaware of Smolov Jr:

Monday 6 x 6 - 70%

Wednesday 7 x 5 - 75%

Friday 8 x 4 - 80%

Saturday 10 x 3 - 85%

Adding the smallest increment onto those loads every week for 3 weeks, deload and repeat or move onto something else.

Now on top of that from a bodybuilding/aesthetic side of things, I need to bring up my back and shoulder width.

So here is the program I had in mind.

1. Power Clean & Squat 6 x 1/6 (70%)
2. Clean Pull 3 x 3
3. Chins 3 sets weights, 3 sets body weight. Max reps
4. DB Lateral Raise 3 x 8/2 x 20-25
5. DB Hang Swing/Fly 5 x 20-25

1. Incline BB Press 3 x 8-10
2. Dips 3 sets weighted, 2 sets body weight. Max reps
3. DB Fly + BB/DB Curl 3 x 10-12
4. Skull Crushers 3 x 10-12

1. Power Clean & Squat 7 x 1/5 (75%)
2. Snatch Clean Pull 3 x 3
3. Pull-ups 6 x body weight for max reps
4. WG Up-right Row 3 x 12
5. Delt Tri-set (rear, lateral, rear) 3 x max reps

1. Power Clean & Squat 8 x 4 (80%)
2. Hyper Extension 3 x 12
3. Chins 6 x body weight for max reps
4. Military Press 3 x 10-12
5. Incline DB L-Lateral Raise 3 x 15-20
6. Cobra Face Pull 5 x 15-20


Too much going on?
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Greg Everett
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I don;t think it's too much - nearly everything you;re doing aside from the squats and one day of pulls isn't too taxing.
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