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Gary Ohm
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Hey, thank Pat. I did see they knocked the price down. VF doesn't recommend the adjustables for double work. I'm not entirely convinced that is an issue for me. I may be heading to a point in my life where one kettlebell is just fine. If that one is adjustable it may be even better.
I haven't bought one yet, $200 with shipping is still a chunk of change for me right now. I still really like the idea of them.
Do you compete or do a lot of double work?
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Pat McElhone
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I do not compete, yet. I have been doing the long cycle clean and jerk (LCCJ). Right now, I am sticking with 2 16kg bells. When I can meet rank 2 for my weight (85kg), which is about 65 total in 10min, I planned to buy 20kg bells. When I can meet rank with 20kg bells, I will buy 24kg, etc. I do not see the need to run out and buy sets of every weight at this point.

Dicks Sports now sells Rage Fitness competition bells. I actually just bought a pair of 20kg bells last week with those 15% off coupons Dicks has in the paper. I like these better than my 16kg Perform Better kettlebells. The prices are good, especially with the 15% off, plus no shipping and Iwas able to feel the bells before buying them.

Good luck.

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Ben Edwards
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Originally Posted by Pat McElhone View Post
WKC just marked them down to $149 each.

FYI, I elected to not buy these and buy individual competition KBs instead and think this was the best decision for me.
I wish they sold these in the U.S. because even though it would be a bit of a pain in the butt to change the weights, it looks like a nice quality product. I bought a Kettlestack years back and it was not as high quality as I would've liked.
Goal Oriented Training
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Donald Hilson
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I've been using kettlebells regularly since June of last year and I have seen lots of improvement in my functional strength. In particular, my grip strength has increased.
4 kg to 40 kg kettlebells
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