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Yael Grauer
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Just realized I have a month's worth of log stuff to transfer in here, so here we go!

breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado
lunch: leftover lamb shanks (omg they're so good) with carrots and tomatoes
snack: Greek yogurt (with sugar, yeah)
dinner: Chicken thighs with zucchini, tomatoes, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, etc.
workout: just a bodyweight workout (the longer one I've posted)

breakfast: eggs with salsa, bacon, avocado
then: coffee with cream and sugar
lunch: leftover osso buco and carrots
dinner: rotisserie chicken, cauliflower with coconut milk and a few cashews
workout: BJJ, this was my first day back after my root canal and I successfully avoided the crossface

breakfast: rotisserie chicken and shredded apple
lunch: leftover chicken thighs with veggies
snack: leftover muffin (Paleo, so almond flour) and yogurt (also leftover)
dinner: a frozen mean; sesame stir fry with brown rice
workout: nothing, but I got tuina

breakfast: 2 eggs, leftover cauliflower/cashew mash
lunch: kimchee ramen (not Paleo) and iced mocha
dinner: squash and kielbasa (not tasty though)
workout: I did pushups; trying to get 100. up from 33 to 41.

breakfast: eggs and sweet potato hash
lunch: tuna salad, sweet potatoes, kale salad
snack: handful of plantain chips, coconut kombucha
dinner: Italian shredded pork with tomatoes and spices
workout: open mat

breakfast: scrambled eggs (1 egg & 2 yolks) with mint, cumin and garlic powder. (working out of 4-Hour Chef)/ handful of cashews
lunch: leftover Italian shredded pork with tomatoes
snack: mint condition cooler
dinner: slow cooker Baslamic vinegar sausage and chicken (chicken breast and Italian sausage and diced tomatoes and tomato sauce with onions and garlic and spices and vinegar)
snack: a handful of chips (whole ground corn) and guac/salsa combo
workout: open mat; lots of sweeps and attacking from the guard

breakfast: eggs and pancetta
lunch: leftover pork from yesterday
snack: stone-ground chips and salsa
dinner: beef roast, a baked potato (with a bit of sour cream and chives) and kale (cooked in broth)
workout: none; Sundays are rest days

breakfast: eggs and egg whites with parsley and lemon cooked with grapeseed oil
lunch/dinner/whatnot: i can't remember, but i did end up in a bar eating tater tots and nachos with some friends at night. oh and i had a beer

breakfast: honestly, all i ate that day was two pieces of steak. i was pretty sick
workout: shoveling. while sick. ugh.

breakfast: banana, sunflower butter
lunch: ice cream; thought it'd make my throat feel better
snack: arugula salad with tomatoes and avocado
dinner: sausage and mashed potatoes at a restaurant with friends
workout: more shoveling while sick (Todd was out of town; our timing sucked)

breakfast: creme brulee french toast, cider (meeting with a friend)
lunch: coffee and cream and sugar
dinner: chicken and bok choy with coconut aminos and green onions and things
workout: open mat

breakfast: eggs bacon avocado
lunch: rotisserie chicken and kale cooked with chicken broth
dinner: just carrots and sunflower seed butter... I knew I was gonna eat a ton on the overnight website challenge on 3/9 so took it easy
workout: open mat; rolled with the new younger girl and with 3 guys; did some no-gi too

Overnight Website Challenge binge day
breakfast: donut, fruit (tangerine and apple), trail mix, cupcake, coffee (because I got limited sleep and had to get sugared and caffeinated up for this 24-hour event)
lunch: mango chicken salad sandwich, chips, a cookie (just a bite), soda
dinner: Qdoba--corn tortilla with steak, rice, guac, black beans, a few corn chips
2nd dinner: a slice of pizza
workout: I did some boxing in the bounce house with enormous boxing gloves, but that's really more of a party game. just one of the things they had for us at this event--I pretty much ate whatever was put in front of me. I think I had a cupcake too.

breakfast (still at the OWC): a banana and a sip of champagne (no Red Bull, though!)
dinner: short ribs and cabbage with bacon and coconut cream
I slept a lot because staying up for 24 hours on 3 hours sleep is no fun. and was still getting over being sick

breakfast: eggs, 1 strip of bacon, 2 Paleo muffins (with almond flour)
lunch: leftover short ribs and creamed cabbage from yesterday
dinner: goulash over spaghetti squash.
snack: trail mix
workout: nothing, was packing for Boston

more in a sec
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